Kumpulan Ucapan Selamat Pagi Bhs.inggris Romantis Terbaru 2016


ucapan indah selamat pagi|bahasa inggris|penuh makna terbaru

selamat pagi untuk sahabat kataloe.com
semangat pagi yang takan pernah luntur di himbun kegelapan.
pada kesempatan pagi ini penulis kataloe.com, mau posting untuk kata-kata indah pagi hari untuk teman pacar kekasih,sahabat, dengan bahasa inggris.
semoga menjadi motivasi untuk sahabat semuanya.setelah kemarin posting mengenai kata kata kecewa terbaru

1.Good beautiful morning! I feel a fabulous day coming on..

2.I’m in love with my bed, we’re perfect for each other! But my alarm clock just doesn’t seem to want us together!

3.Every day is the start of something beautiful. Good Morning

4.It’s really nice to wake up in the morning realizing that GOD has given you another day to live. Good Morning

5.You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours.

6. things you can’t recover in life. The MOMENT after it’s missed, The WORD after it’s said and the TIME after it’s wasted. Good Morning

6.A smile is a way of writing your thoughts on your face, telling others that they are accepted, liked and appreciated. So here’s a big smile just for you. Good Morning!

7.Did you feel a little warm in the morning? I sent you warm hugs in my thoughts. Good morning and have a wonderful day.

8.Don’t worry about yesterday or last month. Today is a new day, so renew your mind this morning. Be positive and start fresh.

9.How can anyone not like mornings? God gave you another day, Get up, give him your worries and enjoy the day!

10.Every morning u have 2 choices,continue ur sleep with dreams or WAKE UP and chase ur dreams. Choice is yours. Good Morning..

sampai disini dulu untuk postingan mengenai ucapan indah selamat pagi|bahasa inggris|penuh makna terbaru.
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